My weight loss journey has required many things of me. It has required me to be strong, prepared, organized, honest, patient, confident and dedicated. That’s why when I reached 80 pounds, I added a new Pandora bead to my journey necklace.

I chose dedication. You can’t lose 80 pounds if you’re not dedicated to the cause.

Saturday, when I got on the scale at my Weight Watchers meeting I was afraid to look at the number. I knew I was close. I didn’t know if it would be real. Then I looked. The receptionist at the scale knows me. She knows about my journey. She hugged me. I cried. I was completely unprepared for the onslaught of tears and emotion that losing 80 pounds would bring. I didn’t react that way at 50 pounds or 75 pounds, why 80? I don’t know, and in the few days since I weighed in, I’ve given up trying to figure it out. It doesn’t matter. I’ve lost 80 pounds. I’ve truly crossed over the mid-point on my journey. I have less weight left to lose than I have already lost. It’s like coming down the back side of the mountain. It’s just as hard, but my confidence is greater and I know I can get to the finish line.

I’m so thankful for all the people that touch my life as part of this journey. From my family and friends to my Weight Watchers groups and leaders (in Buffalo Grove and in Kenosha). As I described in an earlier post (linked above), I have a journey necklace that gets a new bead at specific milestones during my weight loss journey. Everyone at Seebeck Gallery in Kenosha knows when I come in, it means I’ve reached another goal. I love that they celebrate with me too!

Now the really fun part! I’m a visual person, so I needed to “see” what 80 pounds looks like. Here’s what I’ve found:

TWO of my niece!

A dishwasher

And, 80 pounds as portrayed by the 5 lb. stickers given out at Weight Watchers meetings for each 5 lbs. lost.

No wonder it’s easier to go up the stairs!


How do you visualize your weight loss?