I wish the headline were code for something really cool, but it’s not. I’m suffering from a variety of insomnia that lets me go to sleep easily, but not stay asleep all night. Don’t ask. The problem with this is sadly, NOT that I don’t sleep all night long, but that when I get up I munch on dry cereal in the middle of the night. Every morning we “crunch” on the trail of cereal from the kitchen counter to my bed. It’s a mess, literally and figuratively.

In one of my WW meetings someone said you should only track your food on the days you want to lose weight. I agree. I’m a fan of tracking. But, I don’t know where or how to track these middle of the night excursions! If it weren’t for the trail, I might not remember doing it! Maybe the question isn’t how to track it … it’s just that it must be tracked whether it was eaten today, tomorrow or yesterday! Maybe if I log it on any day in the week, at least it will be tracked. And, to be more precise, maybe I should measure the cup I use (it’s always the same one) so I know exactly how much I’m eating. Then, I should pre-track my midnight snack! Maybe that will break this habit. Or, at least help control it.

In the beginning, I’m going to need a Plan B. A force field that prevents me from leaving the bedroom before 6 a.m.? Can I get one at Target?

I’ve missed blogging each week and actually have 4 half-written blog post drafts saved. This issue has finally become my undoing and I decided that my return to blogging would address it straight on.

I am going to stop eating in the middle of the night.

I KNOW I’m going to wake up at least 3 times, that’s a given — and let’s not discuss why I’m not sleeping or what I should do to make it better. Whatever your suggestion, I’ve done it, tried it, am working on it or waiting for the doctor’s opinion on it. I’ve accepted that I don’t sleep through the night. I refuse to accept that I eat every time I wake up!

There. I said it. Now it will happen that way, right? Oh my gosh, I so hope that will be the case. Or that I’ll wake up and during my midnight wanderings around the house I will remember my pledge to myself and all of you cheering me on this journey to lose 150 pounds. I will not eat in the night. Perhaps I should go read my favorite book … The Little Engine That Could. That is how I feel tonight. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.