YES!! Fist pump! I. DID. IT!

25.8 pounds are in the bag! Gone. Bye-Bye. Never. Coming. Back.

So, how does it feel? It’s awesome. 9 weeks ago I started on this journey, and never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be succeeding at this pace. It’s become a way of life, a habit, an automatic process to make healthy choices and control portion sizes, it’s routine and not in the forefront of my mind. While amazing to learn that I can do things I never thought possible, (maybe you CAN teach an old dog new tricks) conquering demons I’ve been ignoring most of my life, I’m a little scared too.

What if I can’t keep it up? How will I continue this for 5 more rounds of 25 lbs? Will I lose interest or motivation? How long is this going to take?

This is why I try not to focus only on the finish line. When I do, I get scared. My brain gets filled with all these questions and more. I put my stake in the ground for 150 pounds. I’m staying on that train. My motto is slow and steady wins the race. The next goal is 30 lbs. and losing 10% of my body weight. That 10% number is so close to 30 lbs. that they are really one and the same in my mind.

How am I going to drop the next five? First of all, it will be one day at a time. Secondly, I am going to focus on more balanced meals. It’s not only about staying within my points, but also about making good choices. The more balanced my meals are the better I feel. Lastly, I will continue writing about my journey. It keeps me accountable to another audience, and lets me get thoughts out of my head so I can stay the course.

While I’m clearly having success, I know there are still areas where I can improve. I’m not perfect. If I was, I never would have ended up here in the first place!

Do you set little goals or reach for the moon from the start?