Milestones are a funny thing.

They track how you grow from birth on. We celebrate when our babies roll over, crawl, walk and talk. Then there are age milestones—double digits (10), 21 is another big one, along with 25, 30 and on. There are even school-related milestones — kindergarten, middle school, high school, & college. We celebrate entering and leaving all those milestones.

Right now, I’m most interested in weight loss milestones. And, as far as I’m concerned every fraction of a pound lost should be celebrated. At Weight Watchers we celebrate every 5 lbs, which is great, because it keeps motivation alive. Then you hit a milestone. Losing 5% of your bodyweight (done), losing 10% of your bodyweight (almost there), and then the 5s and 10s.

Today I celebrated 20 lbs. lost. Actually 22.2 lbs! I am honestly thrilled. I clapped like a child receiving a present when my leader announced it to the group. Seriously, I got a 5lb. sticker to track this, but who cares!

My clothes are starting to get loose but I can’t actually “see” the difference in my weight. To help visualize it, I’ve done a little research and here are a few things that weigh 20 lbs:

  • A propane tank
  • Kitchen Aid Mixer
  • 80 sticks of butter

That helps a lot! Where exactly on my person was I carrying a propane tank? A Kitchen Aid Mixer? 80 sticks of butter? This is perspective. This gives me the visual I need.

Wishing you much success on your weight loss journey! Remember to celebrate every milestone, you deserve it!

How do you celebrate your milestones?