I can't WAIT to lose WEIGHT…

Putting a stake (not steak) in the ground — I'm going to lose 150 lbs.

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4 Steps to Sustainable Weight Loss: What I’ve learned while losing 65 pounds

The other day I was sipping a tall skinny vanilla latte (4 points) at Starbucks with my dad. He was complimenting me on my ongoing weight loss success. (I can’t even believe that’s a real sentence in my world.) He… Continue Reading →

I’m Back and I’m Accountable!

Ok, it’s been awhile since I wrote anything, I know. I’m sorry. But, I’m back. AND, better yet, I’m back on track. When I wrote my first post and said I was on a journey, I had no idea where… Continue Reading →

Dad, Have You Seen My Strength?

It’s gone. I can’t find it. My strength to stand up to this weight loss challenge. Missing. It’s like when you put something away in a very safe place and then can’t remember where you put it! That’s what’s happened…. Continue Reading →

Cherish Every Day

Hi Friends! It’s been way too long since I posted a new blog post! That’s going to change starting today! I’ve committed to this journey and I’ve been stuck for months now. I’m not making excuses. I let other things… Continue Reading →

Cauliflower is the New Black

I wish I could take credit for the title, but the phrase belongs to cookbook author Lisa Lillien AKA Hungry Girl. That’s what she said on Tuesday night when I attended a book signing for her new cookbook Clean & Hungry,… Continue Reading →

Just say NO! to cereal in the night

  I wish the headline were code for something really cool, but it’s not. I’m suffering from a variety of insomnia that lets me go to sleep easily, but not stay asleep all night. Don’t ask. The problem with this… Continue Reading →

When I Lose Weight, Where Does It Go?

I know that’s a ridiculous question to ask, but I’m serious. Suddenly I find myself at 29.4 pounds lost and my favorite pair of work pants are being held up by my hips! The waistband doesn’t even touch my waist…. Continue Reading →

25.8 Pounds In The Bag!

YES!! Fist pump! I. DID. IT! 25.8 pounds are in the bag! Gone. Bye-Bye. Never. Coming. Back. So, how does it feel? It’s awesome. 9 weeks ago I started on this journey, and never in my wildest dreams did I… Continue Reading →

My A-HA! Moment Came with Fireworks

I continue to lose weight on my journey and I often wonder how it happened. Tracking my food has become so routine that I don’t even think about it. Does that mean I’ve created a new habit? I bring this… Continue Reading →


Milestones are a funny thing. They track how you grow from birth on. We celebrate when our babies roll over, crawl, walk and talk. Then there are age milestones—double digits (10), 21 is another big one, along with 25, 30… Continue Reading →

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